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A web comic about love, life, and trying to comes to terms with being transgender. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, and always an attempt at a honest look at transexual life. Updating weekdays, because my drunk depressed ass can no longer do weekends.


April 30th, 2018, 9:01 pm


Future of Wildflowers

Hello My Little Monsters;

It has been 5 years now. I've posted (and re-drawn) more pages than any other trans web comic artist that I am aware of. However, what I am terrifically bad at is growing an audience.
This Facebook page has 169 followers. My average hits on the comic itself are only 140ish. Clearly I am doing something horribly wrong.
Mostly though, I am just tired. Things seem to get better, then always get worse again. At this point, it seems like my time would be better spent just focusing on single-person therapy instead of writing and drawing this. If people feel strongly enough that I should actually continue this work, I would make a humble request: help me. Help grow this audience. If what I am writing has true merit, then let other people know. It seems pointless to continue when my audience isn't growing - I've already helped the people who are reading.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Maybe we can help more people by reaching more people. I don't need or care about money, never have. I do care about focusing the limited time I have on this planet to the people who I can actually help instead of shouting in to the wind.

-The AnneKrog.


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January 10th, 2018, 8:09 pm


No more guest accounts

Hello everyone;

I am sad to say that I am going to have to turn off guest accounts posting comments on the comic. I welcome you to read the entire thread on the particular page here;


I would encourage you to create a non-guest account and subscribe. It helps to put me on the front page as well, which lets more Little Monsters find the comic. Thank you as always for your support!


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March 14th, 2017, 10:35 am


Radio interview!

Those of you on the facebook page already know, I did an interview a month or so ago. Tonight is when it gets aired! If you want to hear the horror that is my voice and a little insight in to my madness, tune in! 10 PM EST.



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November 12th, 2015, 10:39 am



I accidentally posted a page from July 2016 in to the feed for today. Everyone just forget who Madison Mathers is until then. Seriously. She doesn't even exist until then, and she doesn't have much of an arc (yet).


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January 29th, 2015, 11:43 am


Depression and Statistics

Howdy folks. I know a lot of people were really into the Mal page and the statistics of transgenderism incidence in the population. Our friend 4C51 did exactly what I've always asked for and gave me good solid evidence to change my mind. So, my mind is changed! I redid the math on the page, linked the study mentioned, and hopefully arrived at a better number for everyone. You are more than welcome to go over the entire thread, seeing how I defended/rebutted the original statistics. I worked with the best info I had - and that info was either wrong or outdated. So I am pleased that I was wrong!


Otherwise, people are probably wondering why they haven't received their Waffles prizes. The short answer - depression, Christmas, and moving. I have been unable to draw, write, or be anything useful in about three months now. I have fallen nearly two months behind in posting because of it. This is exactly why I build in a one year buffer, is because I know full well that I am not a healthy person in the mind, and that this is not something that will go away any time soon. So I am dealing with it, and I will be all right. It just means that people won't have their prizes for a little while longer, and for that, I am sorry.


Same info posted to the facebook group, for those who follow. Thanks for supporting me!



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May 26th, 2014, 11:08 pm


The why of Wildflowers

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the representation of trans people in the media. Specifically with Arcade Fire - We Exist. It shows a young trans woman, early in coming out, being hurt. A lot of people seem to not get why we should ever show that kind of thing. Why focus on the hurtful things?

In this vein, one would ask, why Wildflowers? Why write the story of this young woman, being hurt - not just by the outside world, but by herself? Why show how painful it can be inside?
For the same reason why we watch movies about loss. Why we watch movies where the love interest dies at the end. It breaks our heart, it hurts, but it lets us feel something. Especially if we have been through loss, if we've loved and had to let go, the movie makes us feel less alone. Like we can relate. That there are other people out there who have hurt and have survived it.

As I've often said, Venus Envy is what woke me up. When I first found it, I was literally suicidal about my gender. I never felt so alone, despite having people who loved me. I didn't think anyone else out there could feel how I felt. How afraid I was to be.. who I thought I couldn't be.
When I read VE, I saw someone struggling, not just against the world, but herself, and her family. I saw that you could get hurt and get back up. And that even if I got hurt, I could survive it.

One of the things that we, as a trans community, are never allowed to discuss - our fears. Our uncertainty. If you walk into a therapists and say you want to be gender X, they demand that you be absolutely sure. They need you to be so utterly positive as to leave no room whatsoever. We are forced to lie, to tell them what they expect to hear. We aren't allowed to talk about how we are scared out of our minds that we might not be 100%. That there is doubt, but that doubt is far less than the certainty we have about ourselves.
When Annie goes through these terrible thoughts in her head, it is because these are real thoughts. That I've felt. That others have told me they have felt. That every trans person I have met expresses. How hard it can be to look in the mirror, when they have to be perfect and flawless to everyone all the rest of the time.

So why do I write Wildflowers? So that people know that they aren't alone. That they can be uncertain and scared and that is ok. That they shouldn't have to lie about it any more than they lie or have lied about who they were.

Some people find that tiny spark inside themselves when they are shown the horrors of the darkness. Venus Envy did it for me. I can only hope that I live up to the legacy and that some other trans person out there sees Wildflowers and knows that they, too, have that spark.


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May 9th, 2014, 2:25 am


Big News!

Ok, it isn't big news. I was nominated for a local Pride Art award - lost before the final selections, but it was still nice to be nominated.

Much more importantly, a few weeks ago, Wildflowers officially became the longest transgender webcomic on the internet. Venus envy, including every single post, all non-canon material, and going by the longest post count I could find, hit 928 posts. Wildflowers is now at 957, and another 9 pages going up this week. The longest actively running is Rain, and I eclipsed that a while ago.
You may be saying, well, who cares since your original art SUUUCKED. I know! And I have less than 130 pages left to redraw from scratch. It's a long process, but when you draw 9 or 10 new pages a week, you only have time for 3 or 4 redraws a week in addition. So I'm trying, dangit!

Anyways. I wanted to thank everyone for sticking with me for the past year and a half, especially when the really brutal art was still happening. You've inspired me to keep at it, and hopefully, in some small way, Wildflowers has inspired you in return.

Oh, and the binary clock contest is always in play, so submit your guesses!


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August 19th, 2013, 11:36 pm


Redo requests?

Howdy people!

The chapter I'm working on right now is breaking me inside, and I want to draw something else. Anything else. Even horrible things are better than what I'm drawing now.
Not enough drugs in the world to calm my mind right now.

Anyways, if anyone has a page (or pages, or chapter) that they want to see redone to actually look half-decent, I am dedicating one day a week to it from here on. So no matter what page, let me know (by title preferably) and I will redo it/them.

Don't worry, I'm far enough ahead at this point that daily updates will happen for 7 more months even if I drop off the planet. So requests? Gimme!

Ok, back to this page I'm doing. God...

-Something resembling the AnneKrog


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