photo w2dGvA4.png

One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It literally made me cry, and that is not something I do. Ever. Dew. I wish I could thank you properly. You have no idea what this means.: Sigla photo Sigla.jpg

From one of my best friends, long term guildy/tank/overall awesome person, Elessir. The Dethtapus logo looks freaking AMAZING and I love how happy Toni/Annie looks getting ready to go out. Thank you Elefish!: Saiyan Annie photo Saiyan.png

To clear up the confusion of Annie in girl mode, and in Super Saiyan mode. This one is for you Noodlez. Not gonna lie, this is probably the first time I've ever actually enjoyed drawing. Ever.: CurvyAnnie

Our beautiful Annie with her beautiful curvy body. Fan art from MJB.: BadgeAnnie

Annie being beautiful, confident, and yet cutely coy in her school uniform. Complete with her girls-only swimmer badge! Fan art from MJB.: SanFran

Semi-goth Annie, hanging out at her favorite taco joint with Thompkins. Fan art from MJB.: