Pony1 photo Pony1.jpg
This is an art from one of Wildflowers long-term supporters, CuteDress&Ponytails. As you can see, some people actually know what a human looks like!

Pony2 photo Pony2.jpg

Also from our good friend Ponytails, this one is clearly less human and much more anime-kitsune. I likes it!

Pony3 photo Pony3.jpg

This one fits nicely into the TG/TS theme, so it makes me giggle a bit. I recognize nobody in it, but thats my own lameness.

Pony4 photo Pony4.jpg

Again, I'm sure this means something to someone, but I really like the art anyways. The dress on the left is partially transparent, its really nice. I wish I could draw like that!