The Wrath of Joanie

posted June 11th, 2013, 2:01 am

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April 19th, 2013, 12:10 am



Toni doesn't cry. She holds strong. Or maybe there just isn't anything left inside to use.

Just leave the party, and go home, and talk to Lexi, or Julie, or even Sophie, or the guys! SOMEONE! Don't let it eat you! Toni! Don't just sit there!

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June 13th, 2013, 7:33 pm



Poor Toni ! Poor, poor Toni ! Being chewed out by Joanie, and not having the fortitude to defend herself. But as you have said, Anne, maybe there just isn't anything inside at this time for Toni to use to defend herself. Maybe there is no motivation to do so, since Toni is still upset with herself about swimming in the meet when she knows that it was not good just to cave into peer pressure and go ahead and swim. Poor, poor Toni. With no one, not even herself, to defend her, I guess that I will have to reach out from another alternate universe, and step in and defend and protect Toni from those many mean-spirited comments and opinions from Joanie.

" You make me SICK " / You are the one who makes me sick, what with your judgmental opinions about who I may associate with, and when !

" . . . . your 'kind' gets so much abuse, you deserve it. " / Nobody deserves the kind of abuse that transgender people receive, especially from people like you, Joanie, who perpetuate it !

" . . . . you girl-man FREAK. " / Transgender people ARE NOT FREAKS ! The only freaky person here is you, with your superior attitude and unkind words !

" The entire **** school district will know about your
filthy secret " / Transgender people who transition to their correct gender for the correct reasons ARE NOT 'filthy'. The real filth is in your mind, and how your personal beliefs affect your outlook and attitude. And as for my gender goals being a secret, I call you bluff right now ! Soon it will not be such a bad thing for transgender people to present themselves in public, dressed as their correct gender. Time's, they are a changin'. Your attitudes and prejudices are on the way out. . . .

As Toni looks and feels in the last panel, I have also felt many, many times !

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