posted July 21st, 2013, 2:01 am

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May 11th, 2013, 6:00 am



So its totally OH GODDAMIT I DIDNT COLOUR IT hold on.


Ok, there we go. The bed wasn't coloured in frame 2, which was kind of important for the transition from 2 to three to four. Context!
As I was saying, it is sort of unclear, but they lie down on the bed and are staring at the ceiling and talking.

Technically, it took me almost half an hour to figure out what to do with Lexi's hair, because I couldn't get the gradient to work behind it. The selection tool wasn't fine enough, and I couldn't manually erase (like I said in the past, very unsteady hands). So I managed to put in a very decent shading. I'm pretty sure I should be doing that from now on, because how it looks in 4 and 5 is like, really good, in my opinion.

Now, on to the content!

EEEEEEE, Toni's date is on Sunday! But who will go, Tony or Toni?
..I have no idea. Uh.. should be interesting writing my way out of THAT.

Anyone else get the strong feeling that Toni and Lexi have bonded a heck of a lot closer than friends? Its like they are family. It sort of makes sense. Tony isn't exactly eye to eye with Bill, and Toni REALLY isn't. And Lexi is an only child. So the two of them grew together strongly, especially with the harsh situations Toni has been going through.
I'm really happy for them. No, not happy. Content. Like there is a feeling of peace that they have each other like that.

Toni made that promise, and I think that it is true. She saw that times can be harsh. She knows how much the world can hurt. But she knows now that she really can survive it. Going home will be testing, its true. Lexi will always be there for her though, no matter how weak she feels inside.
That's how all family should be.
And how friends are.

Andrew - thank you for feeding me this week.
Steve - thank you for helping me recover my broken mind.
RMitch - thank you for being.. you.
Elefish - you did more for me than you know.

Cori - I still have the note you wrote on the flowers that were sent to the hospital. I keep it to remind me of everyone I almost left behind. I never want to do that again.

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July 21st, 2013, 9:24 am



I'm glad I can be an important part of your life. :)

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