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posted September 8th, 2013, 2:01 am

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September 8th, 2013, 12:58 pm



I guess Valley and myself agree, FarceBook is a depressing, nasty place to be. Why can't our little community of Wildflowers author and fans just stay here on SmackJeeves and continue to post comments, critique, experiences, and encouragement for each others enjoyment ? Why do we have to uproot, or split up everything and replant it in the garbage dump that is FarceBook ?
Please, AnneKrog, keep the community here on SmackJeeves, if at all possible ! Your FarceBook patch will just become overrun with weeds, and have trash strewn all over the place, regardless of what you try and do. That is what a lot of FarceBook looks like these days !

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September 8th, 2013, 2:53 pm



@CuteDress&TwinPonytails: Valley actually did join us on facebook. We had a conversation about how cool his avatar is.

Why make a Facebook page? I considered that myself. That's why it took me a year to even bother.
In short - exposure. Not to get more hits to feed my ego, but to spread word to people who would be interested. Turns out that a number of trans* people were very much looking for something like Wildflowers (in the absence of Khaos and VE) and didn't even know Wildflowers existed. With the Facebook exposure, they have joined us on Tony/Toni/Annie's journey.

I can understand your hesitation, and have no interest in pressuring you into joining Facebook. I'm not into pressure. But for the Wildflowers page, it will be, as I try to be here, a place for hope and love. How would it negatively impact the smackjeeves people to have facebook people?

Things are only as bad as people make them. Why not make it a better place to be, leading by example, forgiving past transgressions, and showing everyone that we can be happy, whole, real people?

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