posted October 16th, 2013, 2:01 am

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June 15th, 2013, 1:22 am



You know who won this fight? It wasn't Bill, that's for damn sure.

Recall way back when I said that Bill is the only one Tony seems to be able to stand up to? Looks like it isn't just Tony. Annie is barely even able to be herself in thought and action, yet she will go out of her way to make sure that Bill knows who she is? And she refuses to fall down, no matter what he inflicts?
She won that fight. And she will win that fight in her heart, too. She just needed the right motivation. That necklace is it.

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October 16th, 2013, 12:10 pm



I really believe in wearing a necklace as a symbol of your personality and correct gender identity. As stated earlier, I have been wearing a necklace that never comes off, as my symbol(s) for several years now, and am currently wearing an anime pegasus little pony.

In panels 3 and 5, having impact lines, like a starburst effect, coming off of Bill's fist would add a lot more dynamic to the punch. Having wavy heat lines coming off of Bill's head in panel 6 would look good, too. The rest of today's comic was well done, abet rather gruesome in content and bad attitude by means of Bill.
Yes, Toni/Annie won big time today !!!

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October 16th, 2013, 3:58 pm



I go back and forth between being able to stand the art style and wanting to step away. It's not bad, per se, it's just seems a little unfinished. Like the person above me said, some details like impact lines would add to the dynamic feel of this. (Like with the chest kick Bill delivers)
It's all very hard to follow, as well, what's going on at all times due to the lack of background and the fact that the whole time I keep having difficulty with Tony's eyes. Are her eyes open, closed, or what? Forgive my stupidity and bluntness.
I've been reading this webcomic for a while now, and I notice something.
Tony/Annie/Toni has gotten beaten down more times than anyone I know. She's absurdly intelligent, so much so that she reduces everyone to blithering idiots, astounded by the sheer magnitude of her intellect. Several of her friends are compassionate to an unnatural degree -- then again, I may be jaded on this point.
She's the only character who seems to have any sort of depth, and even then, it seems a little contrived. For example, it felt incredibly cheesy and corny that she began to accept herself after a hallucination induced by a near-death experience.
Also, the brother. Bill. He's such an incredibly blatant 'straw man' complete with the whole spiel of trying to 'fix' his 'brother'.
Your treatment of side characters is that they have one purpose and that is to show just how amazing Annie is.
And dang it, I still don't know whether to call her Annie, Tony, or Toni, though I figured for a while that it'd either stay at Toni or Annie.
Man, this is a helluva long post. But it's not all negative, I swear.
This webcomic is one of my favorites because it doesn't treat transexuality as some joke, a plot device, or otherwise marginalize it.
It's realistic (with obvious exceptions allowing for plot and character development)
And Annie/Toni/Tony, despite my utter dismay and confusion at the name issue, is a very well-rounded character. I actually like her a lot more than I thought I would.
All in all, thank you so much for this webcomic and don't stop until the ride's over.

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October 16th, 2013, 4:31 pm



@CuppaJoel: I certainly don't blame you for hating the art. It is pretty brutal. All I can say is that it is getting substantially better (the newer stuff that comes out next year is markedly superior). All I can ask is that people stick with it as I am improving, and as I redo the archives. Which is one per day, plus the new update each night, plus whatever I drew. It's a long process.

There is no stupidity or bluntness when it comes to asking an honest question. Eyes have been a problem for me since day one. Since I don't draw iris' it can be even more difficult to gauge. Sorry about that, again.

Unfortunately, the amount of physical and mental punishment that the main character has been subject to is based, not loosely, on real experiences of people I have known.
As for her intelligence - that part is based on my own experience. I try not to play it often, but I spent a lot of time in high school actually teaching my teachers things they didn't understand about the subject matter THEY were teaching. As a child, I had no friends and spent my entire life reading. I'm one of those freaks who read every volume of the encyclopedia front to back.

Her friend's compassion is drawn from several sources - the main ones being my friends. The RMitch was so helpful, so accepting, he literally saved my life while I was transitioning just by being there for me. The whole story is later in the comments (at some point). When I was still trying to come to terms with myself, RRon was also there for me every time I needed him.
And to that end, I am doing my absolute best to be there for everyone I know. It may come across as unnatural, but I have lost too many friends for it not to be my focus in life.

Tony/Annie's self acceptance began much like mine did - after experiencing death. I believe I mentioned it on the day it came up, but I did my best to kill myself with pills. When I failed to die, I began to accept that maybe it wasn't the right way to go. At least two other trans* people I know have had the same experience.

There is much more thought behind people's stories than what has been revealed. I am playing the long game - things will be revealed in time. Same with the other side characters, there is a lot of development that is not currently shown. Just the same as when you meet someone, you don't know everything about them right off the bat.

As for her name, her boy name is Tony and her girl name is now Annie. Her full legal name is Antony Andrews. If that clarifies anything.

Whether or not you find this to be among your favourites or not is up to you, and I certainly take no offense to any negative comments about it. It has flaws, many of them, just as the author does. I am doing my best to illustrate a story, albiet a hard one, because in the end there is hope. That's all I ever want now, is to bring someone, anyone, everyone, hope that things will get better.

If I stop or not isn't up to me, but to my broken mind. I'm posted with at least one per day until the end of Aug 2014, so you can be guaranteed it goes until then. Hopefully I will still be around then.

Please don't hesitate to offer criticism, advice, or anything you want to add. We are all friends here.

One final note - I actually hate drawing. I don't enjoy it and I am bad at it. I never look at other people in real life and don't know what other humans look like (or myself, usually). So I am doing as best I can with the limitations I have.

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April 3rd, 2014, 4:13 pm



I'm not going to comment on the previous comment. Was gonna say how Annie getting up reminded me of Neo at the end of the Matrix "why Mr Anderson,why?" Hardly surprising we see so much in the Matrix huh?
So do I get an award for reading this far in one day? I'm home with a cold so can't face college work. Loving everything - you have a good heart and a big heart and I'm sorry for bugging you with so many comments today :)

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April 3rd, 2014, 4:39 pm



@stickygirl: Yeah, the previous commenting could be removed, but.. free speech or me being too tired to want to fight or whatever. Which is funny a page that can be summarized with exactly that quote from the Matrix!

Seems like most people read the entire thing in one day. That's how I always work when I find a new comic!

You haven't been bugging me with comments. I like it when people ask questions or make comments, it makes me think. Get better soon.

And seriously, as per your first comment, you made, you may want to skip the month of (our world) Apr 2014.

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November 11th, 2014, 10:19 pm

Lex-Kat (Guest)



I like this webcomic. I'm sorry that you hate drawing though. No, you are not the greatest artist to mak a webcomic. But the story you are telling is a great story, and it needs to be told. I think the artwork actually fits, and that you have been getting better all the time. Please don't stop. But even if you do, know that you are appreciated. Thank you.

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