posted March 19th, 2014, 2:01 am

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August 17th, 2013, 3:35 am



Usually I go on a rant about not telling people how to poison yourself. But whatever, Wikipedia tells you straight up.
If you take 20-30g of Sorbitol per day, you will lose weight. It blocks upper intestine absorbtion, preventing most nutrient (and energy) uptake. Sorbitol is found in many sugar-free mints and diabetic candies. It is also called Maltitol. Often found in products containing Sucralose. It is also the big reason why prunes are used to cleanse the insides of the elderly, Sorbitol is naturally found in dark berries/fruits.
I've done it before. I lost weight. I also started having problems with my vision and terrible, nightmarish stomach problems. It prevented my antidepressants from working, because I couldn't absorb them. I lost breast size, not from weight loss, but because my hormones no longer worked.

You can go ahead and poison yourself with this stuff. It is perfectly legal.
But if you want my unsolicited advice? I will tell you what I always tell you.

You are worth much more than that. Hell, even I am.

--Side note, I will be covering the 'stupid girl' comment shortly. Do not get in a snit over it.

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