You Left/I Returned [2/2]

posted May 6th, 2014, 2:02 am

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August 31st, 2013, 9:06 pm



You Left/I Returned [2/2]

Psst. The person who returned? Wasn't Jamie. The title is about empowerment.

Before I wrote this, I had no idea what would happen when they met again. Even writing the first half, I still had no idea if she would go back to him.

I'm sad that it ended. But I am so happy for her that she had the strength to walk on her own. That she doesn't need him to be herself.

Sometimes, the trials we face in this life seem unfair, unjust, and heartbreakingly difficult. More than we can bear. The crushing darkness of imbalanced scales blotting out the light of a golden sun, teetering further on the edge out of reach. To stay on the scale, to brave the dizzying lows of an uncaring hardship, seems beyond the capacity for a loving soul to cope with. Ending things, ending the trials, ending the weighing of sins not committed, these are the things that drive the world to shut it's eyes. To beg for the dreamless sleep, to shrink and shrink until there is no more but dust in the shrieking, unknowing eternities.
Yet, once weathered, the battered and beaten soul finds that glimpse of the brilliant light. Beyond all the pain, the suffering, comes a single ray, unbroken and incorruptible, showing more ecstatic glory than an unshielded holy day. For the broken skin to be beholden with this dawn is harkened to the rebirth of the mind, the body, the spirit within.
Find strength, those who have been dealt the crippling blows of hardship.
Stay with us, those who feel crushed beneath the unwavering hate from within and without.
Your day will come. Your day to don the white robes and walk in the sunshine will come. Your resurrection into the world of kings and queens will be met with the trumpets of forever.
Take my hand. You never need to be alone. Death is not the answer, and it will never claim you, so long as I bear love in my heart for you.
And love in my heart for you is all I have left.

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