Sister, Don't Cry

posted May 7th, 2014, 2:01 am

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August 31st, 2013, 9:14 pm



Collective Soul: Sister Don't Cry.

Annie, you don't just sing for you. You sing for your sister, Lexi, and she sings for you. You sing for Vic, and he sings for you. You sing for the thousands of trans*girls and trans*boys who are afraid for themselves. You aren't without him - you are with everyone.

Sing, people. Sing of darkness, if you feel darkness. Sing of light, if you feel light. Sing of truth and beauty and ugliness and lies. Sing with abandon. Sing without care of others, until you are so overwhelmed that they cannot stand against you. Your voice is the sharpest blade you have, your song the mightiest swing against opposition. Your voice is the softest touch against the skin of those you love, your song is the connective spark between the souls of your friends and family.
If I'm gone, please, don't cry. Never cry. Sing. If ever my life had joy, sing to that joy. Raise your voice and your heart. If I am not with you, I will be with you then. If you are not with us, then I will sing for you. I pray you hear my song. I sing for you. I sing for us all.

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