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posted September 20th, 2014, 2:01 am

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November 2nd, 2013, 7:31 am



When she sleeps, she forgets her worries and hardships and the things that makes her feel different. It may be punctuated by terrible nightmares, but for a short time, she is herself, and only herself.

Then again, not all dreams are bad.


If you haven't subscribed to the FB page, I am working to keep updating things over there and make it worthwhile to be there. Then again, not everyone likes social media, so, heres the post;

As people may have noticed, I have been apologizing a lot for the archives. When I started drawing, I hated it. It made me frustrated and unhappy, but I had to draw it because no other TG webcomics were running (except Rain!).
In that time, I have also received a number of less than positive reviews. Specifically, "why was it revealed to Annie in a dream?" At first, I was very upset by that, I thought I had done a decent job of showing it was a long term issue, but I hadn't. So while redrawing the archives, I gave tried to fix that fundamental problem.
The biggest change is to the text in the following redo. The original page is attached. It was number 49 in the list, and at that point there needed to be some levity. Clearly, I have removed the levity, and really pressed home how much this was bothering our protagonist.
I hope that the redos have done a decent job at giving people a better idea of how I meant it to come across originally, and I hope that new readers will find the archives easier to swallow. If you haven't gone back in a while - I'm now at 91% redone, only 90 more to do until I am ready to go public. Thanks for the patience everyone!

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