Knowing Her

posted December 13th, 2014, 2:01 am

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January 11th, 2014, 3:23 am



I wish I could reach into this comic and slap some sense into Annie. STOP JUDGING YOUR WORTH BY YOUR BODY. Jamie was with you, it didn't matter to him. Vic is with you, it doesn't matter to him. Sophie was with you, and probably would still be with you, because YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT.

What counts to a boy is what counts to a girl. Having a beautiful heart. Being faithful and loving, even when things are hard. Singing when it is hard to raise your voice above a whisper. Holding strong when they feel weak, so they can hold you in your weakness.

Everyone out there, trans* or cis, please, stop hating yourself for that thing that makes you hurt inside. Your friends love you. I love you. I beg you, please, stop hurting yourself for the things that don't matter. Love yourself for all the good things that you are. I do.

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