Indignant Revisionism

posted January 24th, 2015, 2:01 am

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February 8th, 2014, 1:57 am



Sorry for frame 3 being hard to read. If anyone has a better solution, I am open to suggestions.

Remember how Julie has said time and again that communication matters? It's because of this. I am pretty sure a big chunk of you were ready to hate Vic again. You've been waiting for the bomb to drop. And if Annie had done the same, instead of talking to him, she would have no idea what Vic was actually there for.

It can be easy to get stuck in a victim mentality and forget that people actually do care about you. Vic is right, he has made some huge mistakes. He know that Annie has reasons to not trust him. And hey, maybe he will actually earn that mistrust before the end of summer. But right now, he is really trying to help her. He really cares, regardless of his reasons.

Please, if you have someone in your life who you think is against you, betraying you, doing bad things to you, talk to them. Maybe you will be surprised. I try to keep my crap on my livejournal (it's a doozy on Feb 8th 2013, let me tell you), but this is really important. Many of my friends thought I didn't like them because I would shut down and hide myself in my depression. That I didn't trust them because I couldn't talk to them openly. And this was so far from the truth, but I couldn't express it, and nobody asked me to express it. Early new years, I posted on my facebook the following message;
"I know some of you feel like I am ignoring you, or not talking to you and spending time with others, just not you. And this is not true. I am not talking to anyone. What I need you to know, is that even if we don't talk, even if we don't see each other, having you as my friend is incredibly important to me. Knowing that you are there, even if we don't interact, is hugely important. You matter more to me than you will probably ever know".
I mention this because many of my friends, even those who knew me in my worst depression, did not realize this. They honestly thought we weren't friends any more because I was being quiet. And then had no idea that they were saving my life every day just by being there.

So please. Everyone. Talk to each other. Don't assume hate. Don't assume someone doesn't love you. Talk to them. Nothing will get better if we can't talk it through.

(Edit: We used to fight with each other, oh, o0o0o0! That was before we discovered, oh, 0o0o0o! That when your friendship is real, oh, 0o0o0o! Yeah, you just say what you feel!)

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January 24th, 2015, 2:09 am



I would say what I want to...but sometimes i just get weird looks. I would always be put down by my siblings whenever there is a family discussion. (saying to shut up when i want to give my opinion.)I don't really matter to them, apparently.My mom barks at them for it, but they tend to do it every time. I'm used to it by now(even though I'm a self hater~). Saying what you feel isn't always easy, is it? For me, it's fun to be alone. I can make up stories and add my own opinions~ And no one will put me down for it~ (well, until i post it and get paranoid by negative criticism lol)

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