Crosstalk/Plans Diverted 2/2

posted February 26th, 2015, 2:02 am

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March 8th, 2014, 3:20 am



Crosstalk/Plans Diverted 2/2

Guess we know how that ended up, right?

At the end of a long day, at the end of a long week, at the end of a long month, how much would YOU want to keep fighting? Or at what point do you just kinda give in and enjoy some animal urges for a while? Heck if I know, I don't have an id.

Was Vic wrong to present his manly chest to Annie in an assumption that she would stay? You might think about it that way. However, you could also look at it knowing that he understands that people need to relax and.. well.. he has been through some heavy trials himself. Maybe all he is doing is offering her the chance to shut off her brain for a while?
Would you be offended if Lexi took Annie out to a stupid movie and ice cream? Or if Sophie flew into town and offered Annie some nekkidness? Frankly, I think Sophie would have confused the heck out of Annie. At least this heteronormality is.. "normal girl stuff"?

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