For Now [Morning Meloncholy 2/2]

posted April 22nd, 2015, 2:02 am

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May 3rd, 2014, 5:51 am



For Now [Morning Meloncholy 2/2]

It may never be the easiest choice for her, or any trans person, but making that choice to be alive is what matters. It won't always get better. But it can get better. It really can.

I am really concerned that she even has another bottle, given that she flushed the last bottle with Andrea. How persistent is this feeling that she went out and bought another one? On the one hand, she went and bought it. On the other hand, she also threw them out without needing Andrea or Bill to get her esteem back. That's.. an improvement?

Now if only we can change the inner voice that is telling her these lies.

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