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May 31st, 2014, 5:11 am



To clarify, during Mar 2014, I created a weekend for a depressed coworker called Operation: Brostorm. I was the only girl to participate, but whatever, it was a Bro weekend. The use of the word Bro would have put a homophobic college frat to shame. We were stupid, spending money we didn't have on candy, getting drunk in the afternoon, and making fun of ugly people on TV. We saw Godzilla and played Rockband for hours and hours. It was a great operation.
I mention all this because we all know I used to be a bro bro, but now I'm a chick-bro. But nobody cared to make that clarification, because, it was a BroStorm, right? So when Mitch calls Annie a she-bro, that is the context.
...also, one of our friends who came to the movie, we called "Fem-Bro". She participated in all judicious and unnecessary fistbumping. So maybe I am actually transmysogynist in that we differentiated her as a FemBro and ignored my Fembro status?

This unfairly paints the RMitch. He was never as serious about gaming as I was. Sure, he liked to win, but not like I did.
The only exception was the Jurassic Park shooter (and Time Crisis) He was AMAZING at arcade shooters. Like, seriously, he was, wow. Like, pass the game on a single dollar amazing. When we played co-op JP, we were unstoppable. Every secret, every power bar, every time.
But he was also cool enough to be able to let go when something unimportant happens like losing a game.

So RMitch, it's currently May 2014 when I am posting this, and there has been a lot of talk about how awesome you must be in real life. Which you are.

In parting, all I have to say is this, good sir;
Game over.

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