Bill vs Maiden

posted July 11th, 2015, 2:01 am

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July 26th, 2014, 3:15 am



Right. So now I understand part of what is going through her head. Everything that happened after the locket is about her feeling things. Really, really strong feelings. Not all of them good, not all bad, but FEELINGS. For the last few weeks, she has been utterly numb. Now she is opening her eyes. She wanted to be touched, so she kissed Jamie. She wanted to be loved, so she sang Wildflowers. She wanted to be badass and sexy, so she went hardcore Dethtapus. And she was drinking so she could feel free.

I won't say she did the right things. But I kinda get it.

Also.. she really needs to learn how to amalgamate these things, right now she is really on/off with her emotions.

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