Riding 2/2

posted August 28th, 2015, 2:02 am

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September 8th, 2014, 4:23 am



On Command/Riding 2/2

I know, the title is a little confusing. I have heard it used (and I use it myself) for the feeling of euphoria associated with mania, the heightened state of happiness that is a result of bipolar. "Riding the wave" or "riding the high" is to let your actions work for themselves, generally without thinking any more. Just letting that wave of happiness and rightness and invincibility dictate where you go.

In this case, Annie called everyone she knew and made sure they knew that she cared. After spending the night with Kora, and the morning with her new friend, she knows how important it can be to tell people how much you love them. Even if it is weird, or hard, or whatever reason we have in our minds, taking this time and just doing it can make a bigger difference than you might know.

Frame 5 - the self destructive comment is based on waaaay back when Dan told her that he was worried she was being self destructive by going out alone at night. Sorta snarky, but hey, some thing stick in your mind.
How far will she ride the wave? Will she tell Wendy? Would she tell Bree right now? It is a huge gamble when you ride the high.

Frame 5 is not unlike when I chose to try to die. I let everyone in my life know that I cared about them. Then I tried to end it.
Now I do it sometimes because I don't want to end it. I have nothing but reasons to live, and even when the depression comes back and makes me want to die, I know I'm not alone any more.

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August 28th, 2015, 7:02 pm



" I have nothing but reasons to live, and even when the depression comes back and makes me want to die, I know I'm not alone any more. "

* A little over three and a half years ago, after being shunned when it was found out that I had begun transitioning to my correct gender of an adult female, I wanted to pick up a gun that I had on the shelf in the bedroom, and put a bullet in my head. I didn't, because a very special person had the foresight to remove and hide the gun the day that I was shunned. It took a long while, but now, every single morning when I awake, I recount the reasons why I have to live and stay alive, and live my life as my true self and correct gender. With Wildflowers in my life, and that special person, and a few others ( you could count them on one hand ), who have shown to me that they truly understand me, I'm not alone any more, either.

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