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February 17th, 2015, 5:04 pm



There were a lot of attacks on Annie while she was unable to hold up her shield. Every day, she would hear people talking about fags and men in dresses. The big attacks are the ones she remembers. The small ones are what made her die.

Frame 3 might need some explanation. Hopefully not, and I get into it a bit more later in the chapter, but it can be summarized as this:
"I am scared of something being acceptable because I have told it can't be. I am scared that when everyone accepts things, then I will also have to accept it"
When Olson attacked Annie, unless he was literally just psychopathic, it was because he is scared of what it means for a girl to be born differently. It means that what he knows about manhood might be wrong.

Frame 4: Annie never actually told Julie what happened with Vic. She did say "Vic saw me and he left". Not much of anything else.

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January 2nd, 2016, 5:37 am



There's also an element of believing that treating people who contradict long-held beliefs civilly could equate to acceptance and force them to confront their long-held beliefs and make them re-evaluate them. They're scared of letting go of their long-held beliefs so treat such people with contempt.

Scarily, some jurisdictions in the US are tryikng to legalise such behaviour by exempting employers/employees from anti-discrimination legislation if obeying the legislation would contradict "deeply held religious beliefs", which if applied to other aspects of the law could potentially be very dangerous.

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