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August 10th, 2015, 7:12 pm



Aint nothing wrong with wanting sex, even if it is 'wrong' sex. Sometimes a person just wants to go at it, right?

In the end, Annie is saying that her power comes from knowing that her friends can be depended on. That their good memories are stronger than the bad memories she has had alone.
Associating the good feelings of the hugs from here friends and the warm feeling of Vic touching her, instead of that Lethbridge guy? That is a way to handle it. Positive, strong feelings, that can be run to when you need them.

Annie knows she will have nightmares, that is part of who she is. But now she knows that she will have them, and over time, learn how to win in them. And when she wakes up, she has all of her friends with her to help her feel better.

There are a lot of kinds of control. The fake ones leave us isolated. The real ones give us love. She is giving up her own control, by giving it to her friends. And that is her choice, so even without control, she is still in control.
It is complicated, I know. So is control. If you hadn't figured that out from Lexi smoking, and from my not eating when I am admitted to the hospital, control is complicated. Annie is making the right choice here.

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