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May 18th, 2013, 2:11 am



So as you may or may not know, I have been absolutely blazing on my mania right now. Just.. wow, no sleep, getting a TONNE of work done. And now, I'm passing it on to your loyal fans.
I've redone some of the earlier pages in a way that I find.. mildly satisfactory. If you want the originals to compare for some sick reason, let me know and I can mail them to you.
If I keep pumping out 20+ comics a week, I can keep doing redos. Not only did I manage this, I also managed to tweak the speech bubbles for the next two months to a unified manner, and fix Lexi's hair with the new treatment I discovered!
So long as the mania holds out, you people get pure profit!
Shalom my friends. May you find happiness and joy in your lives.
-The AnneKrog

(From the addition to the Sunday night post comment)
If you don't read the news feed for this comic, I sure don't blame you. But I would like to proudly proclaim that between dying my hair blue and painting my nails black, I spent Thursday night redoing 5 pages of the archives. They are;

Chapter "It Begins"
They Came Back (Redone)

Chapter "Moving Weekend"
News (Redone)
Goodbye for Now (Redone)
Dead Tire (Redone)
Home Again (Redone)

I have left the text of these untouched (except for Goodbye For Now, I added a line). The actual scenes themselves are identical to the original, using the same paint scheme even, just redrawn to make it look like.. you know.. they are people, not abstract monsters.
Yes, I know it is still far from perfect, and I am learning new techniques every week. But be thankful I'm redoing them, it means that I am confident in my work now! Right? And if I redo every one from 1-100, then people might not throw up from disgust and leave before they get into the story!

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