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August 19th, 2013, 11:36 pm


Redo requests?

Howdy people!

The chapter I'm working on right now is breaking me inside, and I want to draw something else. Anything else. Even horrible things are better than what I'm drawing now.
Not enough drugs in the world to calm my mind right now.

Anyways, if anyone has a page (or pages, or chapter) that they want to see redone to actually look half-decent, I am dedicating one day a week to it from here on. So no matter what page, let me know (by title preferably) and I will redo it/them.

Don't worry, I'm far enough ahead at this point that daily updates will happen for 7 more months even if I drop off the planet. So requests? Gimme!

Ok, back to this page I'm doing. God...

-Something resembling the AnneKrog

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